Peyton Thomas is an author and journalist based in Toronto. His debut novel Both Sides Now won the 2022 International Literacy Association Award for Young Adult Fiction. The New York Times called Both Sides Now a young adult book to watch for. The Globe and Mail named Both Sides Now one of the best young adult books of 2021 and the CBC named it one of the best Canadian young adult books of 2021.

Peyton is currently at work on his second novel, a contemporary interpretation of Little Women. You can read more about this forthcoming book in the New York Times and Oprah Daily.

Peyton's non-fiction has appeared in the New York Times and Vanity Fair, among other publications. He was a 2016 Lambda Literary Fellow and a 2014 recipient of the Norma Epstein Foundation Award in Creative Writing. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2015, majoring in political science and sexual diversity studies. He is currently a candidate for the degree of Master of Liberal Arts in extension studies in the field of creative writing and literature at Harvard University. He is a proud member of the Louisa May Alcott Society and the International David Foster Wallace Society.

Peyton also hosts Jo's Boys, a podcast about Little Women and the novel's unsung queer and trans legacy.

Praise for Both Sides Now

"Queer issues are given center stage, evoking the lived experiences of many in a sensitive and sympathetic way... Emotionally charged and politically relevant, this is a must read."

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"A young adult book to watch for."

New York Times

"Thomas's book is lively, funny and puts the reader - and this great central character - into necessarily uncomfortable places."

Globe and Mail

"One of the best Canadian YA books of the year."


"A heady, heartfelt whirlwind of smarts, soul, and contemporary queer coming-of-age adventure."

—Kai Cheng Thom, author of Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl's Confabulous Memoir

"Thomas' debut is achingly vulnerable... There's no debate: Both Sides Now is a compelling, heartfelt must-read."

—Booklist (starred review)

"Thomas's nerdy, funny, ambitious queer teens stun me with how realistically they love and fear each other... Bright, funny, savvy, and wholehearted."

—Hal Schrieve, author of Out of Salem

"Debut author Thomas's conversational writing style is highly engaging and should draw readers in with a compelling story of self-realization and a bit of youthful romance."

The Horn Book

"A delightful YA read."

—The Advocate

"This coming-of-age romance poignantly depicts self-discovery and finding your place in the world."


"I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more! There's no debating it, this is a hilarious and heartfelt story about love and accepting yourself."

—Mason Deaver, author of I Wish You All the Best and The Ghosts We Keep

"In this sharp and emotional first novel... Thomas doesn't pull any punches on difficult topics and never once reduces his characters to objects of pity. Instead, he depicts teenagers who are working hard to find their places in a world that has thrown obstacle after obstacle in their paths. The novel balances serious political conversations and scenes of moving emotional hardship with moments of comedy and a spirit of true camaraderie."


"Peyton Thomas's debut novel is a wonderfully nuanced exploration of what it means to be a transgender teen... Both Sides Now is an impressive debut that focuses on fully realized trans and queer characters, with a high-stakes plot that will keep readers invested until the very end."

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"Deeply moral without sacrificing complexity, and with a beautiful slow-burn romance at its core, this is a book no queer teen will want to miss."

—Naomi Kanakia, author of We Are Totally Normal and Enter Title Here

"A sharp, witty narrative... full of cerebral teens with big plans and snark to spare."

School Library Journal

"Thomas writes with effortless ease; his convincing characters have notably diverse traits and he's clear that what they are doesn't necessarily define who they are."

Shelf Awareness

"[Thomas] offers a heartfelt, witty debut novel in this compelling coming-of-age tale of a trans teen coming into his own."

Buffalo News

"An excellent, engaging read. And I just can't help but feel a particular affection for a kid who dreams of egging Mitch McConnell's house."

Pride Source



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